Our company provides industrial and manufacturing enterprises metal products, non-ferrous metals, alloys, non-ferrous metals, we offer our customers a nickel H-3 (pellets) of high quality. We have the most favorable conditions of supply, high quality certified products, a flexible system of discounts.

According to GOST, nickel H-3 was prepared using the fire refining, waste from the processing of sheets by melting again trim nickel residues. This Nickel-H 3 serves as ingots of different masses, sheet cathodes and scrap pellets.

In agreement with the buyer nickel H-3 may have a total amount of nickel and cobalt is not less than 98.7%. When this cobalt should be no more than 0.5%, Cu not more than 0.55%, sulfur less than 0.025% (which is considered the most undesirable impurity in nickel raw material), carbon is not more than 0.03%. If nickel H-3 comes in ingots, each weight must not exceed 25 kilograms. Perhaps pre-specify the size of the cathodes, ingots. Nickel H-3 may have a mark on the surface patch, discoloration, paint residue, oil or transport belts - not considered defective products. Labelled Nickel H-3 in accordance with GOST. For each top sheet attached special label with the designation of the brand, weight, batch number.

Download Non-Ferrous Metals Catalogue in PDF