Among the products in the manufacture of which uses nickel, many industries are using semi-finished nickel NP1.
What can be made of this metal? NP1 Nickel is mostly used for production of ribbons, rods, sheets, bars, billets. These materials are very popular in the nuclear industry, the device reactors. Also NP1 nickel in the form of billets is often used for the transfer of chemicals like lye. With their help, you can produce capacitors, and other useful equipment. The nickel chemistry lab NP1 in the form of billets is useful to you in special exchange devices. Also NP1 nickel used for the production of electronic equipment. Pipe blanks from nickel simply used even in the development of uranium. Since among the metals as it does not react with the reactive uranium. All other metals amenable to reaction and melt. It is very resistant to corrosion and is not afraid of the emergence of any environment, whether it be water, air or gas.
Nickel NP1 includes impurities such as iron, carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, copper, palladium, magnesium, antimony, zinc, bismuth and cadmium. It begins to melt at a temperature of 1455 degrees. The hot treatment can begin at 1140 degrees. Casting of the metal can be started at a temperature of 1550 degrees.
If you have used in the production of nickel NP1, we are ready to put it to you in the required amount in the stipulated time frame.

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