Nickel is very popular in the steel industry. He is a solid metal silver. This metal is very durable, reliable, easy to polish. It is in the form of pure and various alloys. Net, and other words of nickel raw materials, can be produced in different forms. These can be bars, ingots, cathode sheets.
The most popular nickel ingots. The metal is, firstly, easy to transport, and secondly, it is convenient to recycle.
According to state standards, in nickel ingots, in order to achieve the desired technological properties, allows for the addition of manganese, chromium, silicon, aluminum. These bars can be used for the manufacture of various devices for electrical devices for mercury rectifiers, electronic tubes for parts for aviation and tractor engines.
We draw your attention to the fact that nickel ingots have many advantages. This metal can be easily soldered, using different kinds of soldering. It is very resistant to corrosion, because nickel oxide surface film protects himself nickel. This metal is not afraid of any environment: be it water, air or gas. Even in sea salt water it will not corrode. He also is not afraid to solutions of acids, alkalis. Nickel is resistant to all types of gas.

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