Nickel belongs to the group of hard metals are very durable and reliable. It is not afraid steps acids does not react with many chemicals, unlike other metals. In the metallurgical industries it is in pure form or in the form of semi-finished product. One of the known semi-finished products is nickel NPA1.
NPA1 Nickel is mainly used in the manufacture of anodes for electroplating. This metal is produced mainly in the form of ingots and rolled sheets, which may be of different sizes. Best way 10h200h1000 mm. The sheets have a strictly rectangular cross-section.
According to state standards, nickel NPA1 in its composition contains impurities - iron, carbohydrate, silicon, manganese, copper and magnesium. Please note that nickel sheets allowed cracks and small bundle surface.
Nickel NPA1 made without special packaging. In exceptional cases, it is made to order according to customer's request. The maximum allowable weight of the package is 1250 kg. Nickel can be transported NPA1 any covered transport. It should be stored indoors.

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