Nickel Powder for welding is a fine nickel produced by spraying or recovery, or carbonyl or electrolytically.
Powdered nickel is used to restore the geometric dimensions of parts deposition method. Often various metals coated with nickel, in order to make them more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Nickel powder is able to prevent abrasion, mechanical, cavitation wear and fatigue failure. It is also used to generate anti-corrosion coatings and to prevent impacts under oxidizing and other corrosive environments. In our company, the nickel powder is produced in full accordance with GOST.

We produce nickel powder with the addition of other metals. The additives may act as copper, iron, tungsten, cobalt, or chromium carbide. All manufacturing processes are under strict quality control, so all of our products meet the standards established in the steel industry. Each batch of the finished powder is carefully checked by our experts on compliance. The analysis identified the powder level of humidity, its hardness and grain size. Finished products are packed in sheet steel from banks, and then - in wooden boxes.

To order the powdered nickel, simply call us. Qualified manager formalize your order and answer all your questions about our products. We are always ready to deliver the ordered powdered nickel or any other product at your convenience time and place. We practice an individual approach to each customer, so it is always ready to produce for you a nickel powder in the right amounts and at a reasonable price. Nickel powder is non-flammable, so its transportation and storage does not require special conditions. Of course, in the process of direct deposition workers should use personal protective equipment (gloves and masks) as well as nickel refers to toxic materials in powder form.

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