Our company has successfully been supplying nickel powder for the past several years. Sam nickel powder is manufactured in compliance with all standards and requirements specified in GOST or TU. It is the most widely used in modern industry: used in industry, in the manufacture of parts, magnets, electric contact, in the reduction of various components and for other purposes.
Nickel powder is of two kinds, depending on the production method, the carbonyl - PNA and electrolyte - PNE. For more information, you can get acquainted with each brand in the subheadings. Here we only pay attention to the parameters that are characteristic of nickel powder. Nickel powder has three main characteristics: chemical composition, bulk density and particle size distribution. Let them in this article for an example.
After producing the nickel powder passes obligatory tests. According to standards, the finished sample is divided into two parts, the first part and then goes to the test, and the second placed in a jar and stored for warranty. Each bank designated manufacturer, number, date and title
After checking the nickel powder must pass marking stage - each drum / bag attached label, which comprises: a packaging unit number, the product and the brand name of the net weight of one package, the release date. Sorted nickel powder by the parties, which consist of a powder of the same brand. All the powders are made by one document.

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