Plastic and durable metal nickel has a high corrosion resistance. It is used for alloying metals. Part of the nickel superalloys, it is used for the production of catalysts, nickel in the process. Nickel melts at a high temperature, and has high catalytic ability. These properties allow the use of nickel metallurgy, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, instrument making, medicine and other industries.

For all the merits of pure nickel, some of the metal alloys have more sophisticated properties. In the industrial market demand NK2,0 nickel rod. It is used in several industries as special materials. First of all, a nickel rod NK2,0 characterized by high corrosion resistance in normal atmospheric conditions and in corrosive conditions of some acids and alkalis. Rod Nickel NK2,0 can be machined.

Made rod nickel NK2,0 different ways and can be pressed, roll or pull. The cross section of the bar is in the shape of a circle, oval, rectangle or square.

Rod Nickel NK2,0 can be different lengths and diameters, in accordance with GOST 13083-77. However, in agreement with the customer, the size can be individual.

Nickel tubes should have a smooth surface, free of dirt or flaws. The fracture nickel rod should not have voids, foreign inclusions. Store, as well as similar products are made of metal - away from moisture, chemicals. During transport and storage, try not to be disturbed.

Our company specializes in the supply of quality products from different metals and alloys. We provide all the necessary certificates, in particular, nickel NK2,0 bars that confirm the quality of our products.

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