A sought-after metals in modern industry is nickel. Pure nickel used as a protective and decorative coating on the surfaces of articles. Nickel dishes and produce devices that exhibit high corrosion resistance, are used in the chemical industry, for storing alkaline and acidic solutions. Along with the use of pure metal, efficient use of recognized and various nickel alloys - nickel alloys acquire a number of advantages over a pure nickel.

One type of nickel products are nickel rods NP3. These rods are made of semi-finished nickel respective brands. Nickel rods are used in special mechanical engineering, in the electric industry, instrument making. Resistance to atmospheric corrosion and corrosive environment of certain acids and bases, nickel rods made popular in the chemical laboratory of various industries.

Round rods nickel divided by the method of production of hot-rolled and drawn on. Nickel rods are dimensional, multiple-dimensional length random length. Nickel rods make the size according to GOST, but if the customer has other requirements to the size of nickel rods, we can make products the required parameters.

Nickel rods are only straight curvature of products is not allowed. The appearance of the goods must comply with and do not have major defects, which could affect the quality of the products. Deliver rods nickel parties, with supporting documents, which have all the information the amount of bars, method of manufacture, brand nickel and so on.

For many years engaged in the supply of the Russian market of rolled metal products, our company has established itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality products only. Among the wide range of products of nickel rental we can offer our customers the nickel rods NP3, are in constant demand in the Russian market.

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