Nickel sheet grade NP1 - one of the most sought after in the semis industry. We produce it in full compliance with the requirements of GOST 6235. The standard specifies the chemical composition of the sheet of nickel, as well as its physical and mechanical properties. NP1 grade nickel sheet is made of different thicknesses, depending on the application - from five to twenty millimeters. The width of the sheets of nickel may range from fifty to eighty centimeters. Nickel Sheet NP1 produced a length of fifty centimeters to two meters. The percentage grade nickel NP1 characterized in that it comprises at least 99.9% nickel. The remainder of - this impurity generally metals such as cobalt, copper, cadmium, iron, and zinc.

Select the nickel sheet is a snap, enough to know a few basic requirements that apply to this product with current regulations. The surface of all the sheets in the party must be flat, without delamination and blistering. Nickel Sheet NP1 should be cleaned of contamination that may hamper the visual inspection process. The edges of each of the sheets in the party should not be torn, crumpled or burrs. After the inspection and quality control of the nickel sheet NP1 latticed packed in wooden boxes. For each batch issued a document containing its number, weight, nickel brand and results of tests carried out. Transportation and storage of sheet nickel do not require special conditions.

We produce nickel sheet NP1 with different parameters, depending on the wishes of the customer. Unchanged remains a high quality of our products, which is not inferior to expensive imported analogues. You can always contact us by phone and order a nickel sheet NP1 you with the necessary characteristics. Skilled managers will help you place your order, prompt payment and advise on all types of our products.

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