Sheet NP2 nickel grade is only one type of nickel products, which provides our organization. Nickel are marked with "NP2", according to

GOST contains at least 99.5 percent of the nickel in its structure. The rest of the mass fraction falls on impurities such as lead, copper, magnesium, zinc, cadmium, and other elements.

NP2 nickel sheet should be made in accordance with the standards the industry, with a thickness of five to twenty millimeters. The width of the sheet varies depending on their destination, and is from fifty to eighty centimeters. The length of the finished product can be both dimensional multiple of ten centimeters and unmeasured - from two centimeters to fifty meters.

Choosing sheet nickel NP2, pay very close attention to its surface. Guests are not permitted on the surface of the product cracks, dents, chips, scratches and other defects. Damage on the sheet surface is said that during the production was significantly impaired any of technological components. Nickel sheet must be in accordance with GOST, smooth edges, without burrs. In addition, high-quality nickel sheet has no bundles or bubbles. We offer our customers only the highest quality products, because I carefully observe the technology at all stages of delivery. Products packaged in batch, each of which comprises a sheet size and the same chemical composition. On each of the sheets is stamped or glued paper label with lot number, brand of nickel.

Sheet nickel packed parties in wooden latticed boxes. Its transport and storage does not require any special conditions. We offer you delivery and handling of any product from our range in the shortest possible time.

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