The nickel sheet is one of the types of metal. The most common is to use a nickel sheet with "NP2" marking. Also, they have a stroke, and other kinds of sheets of nickel grades NP1, NP3 and NP4.
We produce nickel sheet in full accordance with GOST 6235. In accordance with established standards, the thickness of the sheet may vary from five to twenty millimeters. GOST sets and also the width of the sheets - it can be from five hundred to eight hundred millimeters in increments of one hundred millimeters. sheet length can be from five hundred to two thousand millimeters. The nickel sheet may be either cut length (millimeters times one hundred), and off-gage. Our company produces nickel sheet in two ways - hot-rolled and cold-rolled.
If you choose a nickel sheet, carefully inspect the surface - it should not contain any dirt or damage. The sheet edges must be burr-free, smooth. In addition, the surface of the sheet produced by cold-permissible seaming presence of a small scale at which the cleaning sheet thickness does not exceed the limit values of thickness deviations. On the surface of cold-rolled sheets may sometimes darkening, as well as traces of unburned when the lubricant manufacture. Choosing a nickel sheet, pay attention to the fact that it should not be stratified. The edge of the sheet should not be wrinkled, have waves, or "ragged" appearance. Sheets dispensed batches, each of which contains the finished products of the same thickness, length and width. If the party consists of three sheets or less, the control check takes place each of them.
As for the mechanical properties of the product, the hot-rolled nickel sheet should have tensile strength of 370 MPa. Soft nickel sheet has the same value as the tensile strength, but in solid sheets, it is 540 MPa.
We offer our customers purchase the sheets of the different grades of nickel. You can always ask any question about our product by phone the manager of our company. If necessary, we will arrange delivery and unloading of rolled metal products. Buying from us any good, you can be sure of its highest quality. Our company practices an individual approach to each client, so we are always ready to manufacture products for you with the desired characteristics you.

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