Nickel Sheets of nickel grade NP4 are one of the types of products in our wide range of semi-finished rolled metal. Nickel sheets are widely used in electric and mechanical engineering.

Our organization delivers NP4 nickel sheets in full compliance with requirements of GOST 6235. The nickel content in the material from which the sheets are produced nickel is at least ninety-nine percent. The thickness of the sheets varies from 5 to 20 millimeters, and their width may be 500, 600, 700 and 800 millimeters. The length of the nickel sheet varies from 500 mm to 2 meters, it can be dimensional (multiple of 10 centimeters) and the off-gage. Limit deviations of all parameters are regulated by GOST, and their violation is considered a sign of poor quality, defective products.

If you choose the nickel plates, special attention should be paid to their surface and edges. High-quality products are manufactured in compliance with all technological processes, cut off smoothly, without burrs, crumpled and torn edges. On the surface of the sheets should be no obstruction which would interfere visually inspected. Nickel sheets may not be bundle. Each batch of sheets must contain the finished products of the same size with the same chemical composition, mechanical and physical characteristics. The party is marked as follows: lot number indicates the number of sheets in it, the results of the tests carried out and the total mass of the party.

Nickel sheets after they pass quality control, packed in wooden latticed boxes. Transportation sheets do not require special conditions.

We practice an individual approach to each customer, so it is always ready to produce for you NP4 nickel sheets according to specified parameters. If necessary, we will arrange delivery of the goods you have chosen at any convenient place and time. Qualified manager not only quickly formalize your order and tell you about how to pay it, but also give advice on matters relating to our products.

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