The strip is made of nickel NP2 nickel suitable type and is a type of nickel metal rolling in our wide range.

Nickel strip NP2 comes us in full compliance with the standards industry. If you choose this type of product should pay special attention to the fact that it

The surface should be free of contaminants that may hamper visual inspection. In addition, the surface of all the tapes in the party should not be damaged, cracks, dents, scratches, scale, as well as bundles and bubbles. GOST admits the presence of small darkening, pockmarked and tarnishing, but only in those cases where the nickel belt is not designed for the manufacture of semiconductor components and electronic devices.

We supply nickel strip may be made on samples agreed with the customer product. All tapes in the party are cut perfectly smooth, burr-free and torn, wrinkled edges. According to GOST, sickle tape may not exceed three millimeters per meter of its length, however, at your request, we will put the tape with enhanced accuracy - no more than two millimeters per meter length.

Produced nickel strip in three states of the material - a soft, semi-solid and solid. The value of tensile strength, depending on the type, ranges from 390 to 540 MPa. Tape nickel produced batches. The total mass of the party less than two tonnes. Finished nickel tape marked in batches, with the required characteristics such as the lot weight, chemical composition of feeds, the results of tests carried out and the symbol products.

If you need a strip nickel NP2 brand, just call us. Qualified manager formalize your order and answer all your questions regarding our product range. Tape nickel can be delivered to us by truck at any convenient place and time. We practice an individual approach to each client, so it is always ready to make a nickel ribbon with the required parameters. Strict adherence to standards enables us to manufacture and sell products is not inferior in quality to foreign analogues.
Numerous industries and the national economy have been applied to products from the nickel metal-roll. Always in demand NP2 nickel strips, which are used in the chemical industry, in particular, physical and chemical laboratory of the Institute, which conducted the research. Nickel strip uses in its manufacturing sector, engaged in the manufacture of paper, as well as the electrical and petrochemical industries.

NP2 Nickel strips are for the manufacture of various parts for automobiles, tractors and airplanes. Nickel strip engineering industry often used for the production of electric elements having high emissivity and thus having stable performance.

Nickel strips have high heat resistance and heat resistance, resistant to atmospheric corrosion. Nickel strips do not interact and does not collapse under the influence of hot solutions of alkali and some concentrated acids. On the air of nickel oxide products form a protective film, which protects it from corrosion. Knowing the properties of nickel products, it becomes clear the area of its application.

Nickel strips have biological inertness, so used in medicine and food industry. The aesthetic appearance of the products nickel allow their use for decorative purposes.

NP2 nickel strips consist of 99.5% of nickel and small amounts of other metals, iron, manganese, silicon, zinc, bismuth, arsenic, copper, phosphorus, lead, magnesium, antimony and other metals in varying proportions. Excess sulfur degrades the properties of the nickel alloy, it becomes fragile and brittle.

Our organization offers a wide range of nickel rolled products, including nickel strip NP2 and other brands. Compliance with technology standards in the manufacture of products made of nickel is a guarantee of the highest quality. We only offer the best product to their customers, always fulfilling the conditions of transactions in full.

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