One of the most sought after in the industry is the metal nickel. The pure metal and its alloys have corrosion resistance to different conditions from normal atmospheric to corrosive acid and alkaline. Alloys of nickel, chromium alloy, copper, silicon, molybdenum, have a relatively high thermal stability in oxidizing environments. This is largely determined the scope of the use of nickel and products of its alloys.

Mark NP3 nickel is used more often as a raw material for steel. From doing this brand tape, wire, sheets, rods, and the nickel strip NP3. These products are for the manufacture of parts of mechanical engineering. In the field of instrument making products of nickel are used as components in the manufacture of instrumentation. Apply a nickel bands in the manufacture of electronic equipment. Nickel is used in batteries of nickel-cadmium batteries.

NP3 nickel stripes are manufactured by hot rolling or cold deformation. Hot nickel strips have a length of 400 to 2000 mm. Length may have tolerances of 15 mm. The thickness of the strips should meet GOST standards, which identifies the various items thickness tolerances. Cold rolled strips NP3 nickel should have variations in length within 10 mm, and their length is in the range from 400 to 2000 mm. To nickel NP3 band had a perfectly smooth surface, the exact width and thickness, using precise and professional carvers rolling equipment.

Nickel bands are in the annealed (soft) state neotozhzh?nnom (solid) or semi-solid state. At the final stage of the manufacture of nickel stripes on both sides cleaned with steel brushes.

Visual inspection of the strip nickel should be no visible defects, which could affect the characteristics of the product. Exactly cut edges and smooth surface without the foreign inclusions, bundles, color change indicates compliance technology.

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