Modern industrial industry dictates the demand for nickel and its alloys. The leaders in nickel alloys consumer electronics and electrical engineering list. Nickel alloys are used for welding wire, high voltage electrical components and heating elements. Corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and heat-resistant nickel alloys are in demand in the chemical industry. Engineering uses the product of nickel alloys for engine components, batteries. Oil and gas industry has been applied nickel alloys in the production of equipment for heat treatment of petroleum fractions. The energy of nickel alloys are used in the design of structural elements of turbines in the gas turbine power plants. Nickel alloy goes to the production of piping components. In many areas of industrial industry used a nickel strip NP4. A thin strip of nickel NP4 is often only an intermediary in various technological cycles.

The chemical composition of the band Nickel NP4 contains 99.0% of chemically pure nickel. The remaining components are nickel alloy impurities - iron, silicon, manganese, magnesium, copper, carbon and sulfur. The admixture of sulfur beyond the statutory standard degrades the quality of the nickel alloy, making the product brittle and brittle.

Nickel strip made by cold and hot deformation. Along the length of the band Nickel is from 400 to 2000 mm and has a dimensional, off-gage, a multiple dimensional length. nickel strip thickness of the product must comply with GOST, which spelled out specific allowable deviation from the standard. Band nickel can be made by us that long to the customer, if it is agreed in advance the size.

Visual inspection of the band Nickel should not have bundles, dents, inclusions of foreign metals and other defects. The presence of unburned grease, darkening is quite acceptable. If soft strip nickel is not torn and not crack during bending, it is an indication that the band Nickel made in compliance with all technical standards.

Supplied party products of nickel, including nickel bands, be sure to have the supporting documents, which contains the information about the number of games and nickel stamp indicating dimensions.

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