Universal production quality of these products make possible its wide application. Mainly nickel tape is used in mechanical engineering, instrument and electrical engineering.

Nickel strip often made of pure nickel, nickel alloys or cobalt-tungsten. The alloys have a high heat resistance, has a positive effect on the compliance of the products of these conditions of use. High electrical resistance, which has nickel belt, allows using it in electrical work.

Our company offers you to buy a nickel tape of high quality at a reasonable price. Nickel belt, as well as all our products are manufactured in strict accordance with GOST. According to industry standards, the tape of nickel is marked with the letter "H", another letter in the designation of the finished product - "P", which means "semi-finished". Nickel belt made of an alloy with a nickel content of 99.9% marked as "NP1". The most common material for the tape is an alloy containing 99.5 mass fraction of nickel. "NP2" This nickel tape marked designation. If necessary, you can order any brand of tape, depending on its intended use. Our company will produce desired metal in the shortest possible time. All products in our offer we have the necessary certificates.

We produce and sell nickel ribbon thickness of 0.05 to 2 millimeters. Belt width can vary - from ten to three hundred millimeters. The length of the finished product ranges from two and a half to thirty meters. If you need a nickel tape with other parameters, just call our operator and inform. Individual approach to every client - is the main principle of our work, so we are always ready to offer you products with the desired characteristics.

Every client we are ready to organize the delivery of any commodity, whether nickel tape or other types of metal, in the right place and time. It is sufficient to inform about the need to deliver our manager when ordering. You can always get competent advice on all questions regarding our products by phone.

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