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Nickel thread 0.025 mm only in accordance with GOST 2179-75.

Nickel thread is used in various industries. The grids of tubes in cathodes, in television and radio, electroforming, nickel thread is present in the computer technology. Also nickel yarn is used as a nickel source in a vacuum sputtering as catalytic mesh in household appliances, etc. To generalize the above, a nickel thread often required in cases when it is necessary it is important to prevent occurrence of galvanic couple with nickel nodes.

Nickel thread most often made from the following brands: NP-2, NP-1. It is available in two types: soft and hard. Nickel filament with a diameter smaller than 0.09 mm is produced only solid type product with a diameter of 0.09 mm produced in both cases. The wire is marked according to the notation of GOST 2179-79. This standard is designed for round wire of the silicon and nickel simple.

According to the mandatory requirements, nickel thread should have a clean, non-porous surface and bundles. As part of the Standard allows very small diameter error, residual grease, a little roughness. More often nickel thread of very small diameter made in accordance with the specific wishes of the customer, as such microwires used in high-tech and high-precision areas. A method for manufacturing a wire thickness and directly affect its mechanical properties. At the same time resistance varies 420-830Mpa range; for the annealed wire elongation - within 18-26%.

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