Modern humanity, probably would not be able to carry out many tests and experiments to invent new drugs and medications, if not used in the work nickel tubes. There are strict regulations, which lists all the requirements for quality nickel tubes - GOST 13548. Pipes on it are made relatively thin, but at the same time and durable. Due to their size, nickel tubes are widely used in the manufacture of electronic devices. They are popular in the nuclear industry in the reactors, radar devices, television. In the chemical industry, nickel tubes used for pumping a variety of chemicals (alkali). Capacitors produced from these and other useful devices.
What is useful nickel tubes in the chemical industry? Firstly, they are used in special devices for the exchange of potassium, they are useful for the study of film boiling ethanol and freon, the liquid-phase fluorination. Nickel tubes are indispensable even during the production of nuclear fuel. Among the metals nickel not only reacts with the reactive uranium. All other metals amenable to reaction and melt.
If you decide to use nickel tubes in its manufacturing process, you should be sure to know what requirements apply to them. Firstly, the pipe cannot be shorter than 500 mm. Secondly, it is made only in the solid state. Both the surface, both internal and external, should be flat and smooth. In some cases, it is assumed that the surface may be matted. Third, it must always be straight - its curvature cannot be more than 5 mm per running.

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