One of the most popular on the market today rolled kinds of nickel wire is nickel NP2, the implementation of which our organization has been successful. Nickel wire has a number of qualities that make it possible to use it in a variety of industrial sectors as an effective material.

Wire, as well as other articles of nickel, used in microelectronics - including hardware components to make microelectronic devices and mechanisms. The wire used in electrical and micro welding. Nickel wire used those kinds of industries that are engaged in manufacturing high-precision parts used in radar, navigation, medicine, television. Nickel wire used in many other areas of the industry: the design and creation of home appliance, computer technology. The wire is used in television and radio. Wire of nickel is widely used chemicals for various chemical processes. Indispensable wire nickel in the manufacture of electrodes for various purposes. Since the nickel wire is quite ductile and strong, and has an attractive aesthetic appearance, it is used in a variety of decorative products.

It is made by cold deformation of wire. As material nickel wire can be hard and soft. In precision manufacturing nickel wire is normal, increased and high precision. It comes nickel wire on spools, in coils or coils.

Acceptable price of nickel wire makes it available for use in many industries. To purchase the nickel wire and other products of nickel please contact us through our company website or by telephone. We are open to negotiations and are always ready as a single shipment, and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

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