Products made of pure nickel in large quantities are used in various branches of modern industry. Hard, durable metal that is perfectly polished and amenable to forging, found application in our daily lives. Finer nickel wires have sufficient tensile strength. Products made of nickel resistant to the influence of water, air and certain acids. All these qualities have made nickel demand universal material. Our company sells a huge list of rolled nickel, in particular nickel wire.

Nickel wire GOST 2179 is used for mechanical engineering and instrument making. She goes to the production of cores for small pulse transformers, contactless relays, chokes, magnetic amplifiers. Nickel wire used in magnetic screens operating in weak magnetic fields.

Among the benefits, which has nickel wire, it can be called a high-temperature strength, heat resistance, which make it possible to use the wire in aggressive liquids and gases, hot solutions of some acids and alkalis, maintaining the temperature up to 850 degrees. Nickel wire is irreplaceable in electrical engineering and electronics. From it makes cathodes and grids used in microwave devices and vacuum tubes. Nickel wire goes to the application of a thin layer of nickel on the surface of parts, nickel plating protects against corrosion.

Plastic nickel wire easily gives different kinds of mechanical processing: welding, rolling, forging. It can be used in the medical and food industries, as well as in everyday life. Nickel wire has increased strength.

High-quality nickel wire must have a surface with no visible flaws and cracks. Minor deviations from the standard diameter and roughness are quite acceptable. Nickel wire is manufactured on high-tech equipment; the product has a high quality. All products sold by our company has all the necessary certificates.

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