Among the metals that are used in the steel industry, is very popular nickel. This is because it is very durable, reliable. Nickel is easy to solder, since it lends itself to any type of welding. Because the material is formed on the surface of the nickel oxide film, the metal corrosion is almost impossible. He is not afraid of the water environment, whether it is fresh or salt water. It also cannot be exposed to the gas.

Nickel may be pure or semi-finished forms. Among the semi-finished nickel is very popular is nickel NP2. If you decipher the name, the letter "N" indicates the kind of metal, the letter "P" - semi-finished. The number 2 is its chemical composition. Nickel NP2 is composed of 99.5% pure nickel with impurities of iron, manganese, silicon, copper, arsenic, antimony and other metals.

As can be manufactured from such product as nickel NP2? These may be sheets and strips and bars, wire mesh and even. If the wire is used for the production of such an alloy, nickel NP2, you should know that she is not afraid of fire, nuclear safe, as well as non-toxic. It can be used as a material for various devices and mechanisms.

NP2 Nickel is used to make electrical, medical, navigation devices, as well as in the manufacture of microelectronics. It is often used in their work many research institutes, chemical and physical laboratories.

NP2 Nickel is also used in the process of nickel plating, when the metal thin layer is applied on any kind of metal. Thus, the metal is protected from the damaging effects of chemical or physical. Nickel-plated parts are used in the process of production machinery, medical, musical instruments, household appliances.

This metal alloy has many advantages, it is very hard, this alloy is very easy to various types of processing. It can be boiled, punch, grind, roll.

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