With years of experience, the company «BITimpex Anstalt LTD» offers you a wide range of honey “sweets” - honey, bee pollen, comb honey, bee wax, propolis, royal jelly, drone jelly (homogenate), ambrosia (bee bread), comb capping and others. Company «BITimpex Anstalt LTD» is not only a supplier but also a manufacturer of honey and bee products. You can buy honey (by wholesale), bee pollen, ambrosia (bee bread), royal jelly, and others. directly from our beegardens. Beegardens of our husbandry are in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine, and our honey is of excellent taste.

Our team works every day to ensure that everyone can at an affordable price and with quality guarantee to purchase for themselves and their loved ones a delicious, healthy, natural honey and bee products. Our main task - to help each person find his honey and discover the amazing properties of bee products. To become closer to you, lovers of honey, we have created an extra section on our website www.bitimpex-zs.com.

We are a young team of beekeepers for whom beekeeping became a profession. Our rule - high quality of products, the implementation of all technological operations, pumping only mature honey, compliance with hygiene requirements in the production of bee products.

Our honey is never subjected to heating (heat treatment), and retains all the beneficial properties. Although many enterprises purchasing crystallized honey from beekeepers, installed lines for bottling of liquid honey in consumer packaging. Honey becomes liquid when heated and remains so for a long time, losing 90% of their therapeutic properties. Honey loss of biological activity on heating above 45 ° C, as the when heated destroyed totally or partially many natural enzymes, vitamins, proteins, tannins and aromatic substances contained in honey.

In our honey you’ll never find sugar and other impurities. We constantly affirm the quality of honey labratornymi conclusions. In the spring of our bees begin to live and work in trained and deification of the hive in which no antibiotics or bee drugs. Natural honey produced from the nectar of one type of honey plant -monoflerny (honey locust, linden, buckwheat, etc.). Honey is collected by bees from the nectar of some plant species - poliflerny (forest, meadow, etc.).

The basis of the honey carbohydrates. It fructose (fruit sugar), glucose (grape sugar), sucrose (cane sugar). Honey 99.99% absorbed by the body, because it consists mainly of simple sugars. The composition of honey consists of the most important enzymes: diastase, amylase, catalase, phosphatase. Due to the content of volatile production natural honey has a bactericidal action. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C (ascorbic acid). Furthermore, proteins present in honey, amino acids, elements ash, organic and inorganic acids, plant hormones, aromatic substances.

Honey storage conditions

1. Keep the honey must be clean and dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

2. For the honey use only clean, airtight container. One can not pour honey into uncleaned packagings, which have already been stored honey.

3. Do not store honey oak, pine and aspen barrels, as well as containers made of zinc, copper, lead, iron and alloys of these metals.

4. It is not allowed storage of honey with toxic substances (paint, fuel) and sharp- smelling products (herring, cabbage).

5. Storage temperature +10 to +25 ° C, air humidity between 60-75%. Med should not be kept in the refrigerator. The temperature for the long term storage (a year or more) of +10 to +15 ° C, at a higher temperature, it may sour.

6. During storage necessary to periodically monitor the quality of honey, to prevent separation and fermentation.


Why choose us?

All products are manufactured in the exemplary beegardens in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine and are mandatory laboratory testing before they go on sale. All products have documents confirming their quality. We do not have artificial, fake, pre-heated and pasteurized honey.

Orders are taken quickly and delivered in the shortest possible time.

Our managers will answer all your questions by phone or email.


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