One of the most aesthetic materials for roofing - patinated copper TECU on a roll.
The main characteristics of metal - an alloy of purity and perfect accuracy of the finished product. The chemical index of the copper not less than 99.9%. The rolls are made on the exact parameters, which ensures high quality and performance of works on the roof device. Patinated copper TECU has a standard tape thickness of 0.6 mm, ensures a good margin of safety and long-term operation.
The main useful properties of copper. Outdoors under the influence of oxygen and moisture, it forms a patina on the metal surface. The oxide film that can protect the copper from all sorts of harmful environmental influences.
The advantages of copper roof.
- Oxidized copper roof has a high durability and weather resistance. From corrosion protection metal oxide layer.
- Patinated copper TECU has an unlimited service life.
- Copper tape is easy to process. If necessary, oxidized copper is easily bends and stretches.
- Oxidized copper roof cost effective when constructing roofs. This type of material does not require roof repair Lifetime.
- Patinated copper roof TECU - ecologically clean, natural material. Copper is not harmful to humans and the environment.
Under the TECU brand offers a wide range of products for roofing.
- TECU Classic has a distinct copper color, patina occurs within 7-15 years after installation.
- TECU oxide. Oxidized copper, obtained by pre-oxidation of the classic double copper. It has a smooth dark brown. After mounting the patination process continues.
- TECU Patina. Full patina formation occurs in the plant. As a result, the roof has the same form as after 10 years of natural processes.
- TECU Tin. Copper goes tinning process on both sides. It has a matt gray color and high protective properties.
- TECU Bronze. The alloy of tin and copper red-brown.
- TECU Gold. Copper and aluminum alloy of gold color.

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