Perforated aluminium panels is a special kind of product from any metal. It differs by the presence of a sheet of holes of variant shapes and sizes. The most commonly used perforated aluminium panels in design, because you can create a unique facades and interiors. Also often used in the creation of the outdoor advertising. Material production is determined by the task. The most versatile can be considered a perforated aluminum panels, which have the ability to sufficiently long operation due to high ductility and corrosion resistance. Features such sheets have not been established for sure - it depends on the manufacturer. Perforated aluminum panels have a standard sheet thickness of 2-4 mm. For example, a sheet of 3mm thickness has sufficient strength to be used for most jobs facade cladding. The maximum dimensions of such sheets have the same restrictions do not normalized, but are considered standard sheets 1000h2000 mm. Perforation also can be changed. The most common are all simple geometric shapes. In general, perforated aluminum panels - aluminum is perforated plates a specific shape, size, that are cut in a certain order. The finished product is resistant to corrosion, the corrosion can be further covered by a lacquer layer to protect against mechanical damage and oxidation. Scope huge for these materials. Perforated aluminum panels are used for the realization of the set design ideas are used in the design of advertising logos and proper outdoor advertising. The panels are also used for interior decoration of shops, offices and others.

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