Stainless Perforated pipe is used for the manufacture of filters, drainage structures, automobile mufflers, showcases, racks and other constructions for trade and storage, in drilling water wells, construction formwork and repair ventilated buildings. Perforation of pipes - is often the same punching holes with the same predetermined center to center pitch. Perforation helps to reduce the weight of the pipe, while maintaining the functionality and durability. The diameter of the perforated design - 50 to 1650 mm. A perforated metal tube can be made of a conventional flat sheet or tube, with a further desired diameter by rolling. There are several types of perforation: round, square, oval and decorative. Possible perforation of the tube from materials such as steel, copper, brass, plastic, iron, aluminum, stainless steel with different markings. The most chassis brand of stainless steel AISI 304 meet in the Russian nomenclature 08H18N9, 08H18N10 and 08H18N11. The number "3" is a group of austenitic stainless steel, "04" - its grade. Sometimes at the end of specified features of the steel. For example, AISI 304L contains 0.03% carbon. The Russian first marking indicates the percentage of carbon content and then chromium and nickel. Well-known steel marking 430 standard AISI. She meets domestic brands 12X18H9T and 12H18N10Tb.

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