Phosphor copper MF10 (ligation) - phosphorous is a special copper-based alloy. This master alloy contains 9.5-11% phosphorus, total phosphorus and copper - 99.8%, there is also a small proportion of impurities. The alloy has a number of distinct advantages, which allow wide use of this material for production purposes. Suitable phosphor copper MF10 in the production of various alloys, bronzes. Alloy itself is also used as the solder, either in pure form or in combination with special alloys. Chemically ligature is a copper-based deoxidizer. In the production of phosphorus-containing copper alloys, especially bronze, casting or tin-phosphor copper phosphorous MF10 is used as an alloying element. When molding certain categories of products, in particular an alloy engine blocks administered to improve the quality of the casting. The amount of the alloy is 0.1-0.2%, in some cases, the dosage is increased. MF10 ligation products used in the casting of silumin as a modifier. The use of phosphorous copper increases the hardness, elasticity and increases the resistance of the alloy. Directly to consumers phosphor copper MF10 is the engine building, household appliances, various areas of engineering and foundries. The alloy is produced in accordance with the specifications of GOST 4515-93, produced in the form of rods or bars, consisting of forty parts, separated by pinches. Dimensions of tiles 370 * 215 * 30mm.

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