D16T - one of the most popular brands of aluminum tubes, on the western classification is analogue, abbreviated 2024T3. It comes parties usually in bunches. D16T is a modification of duralumin alloy D16, heated to 500 degrees Celsius, followed by quenching in water. The letter T in this case stands for: hardened and naturally aged - usually about 4 days, as it was on the fourth day the alloy reaches its maximum strength. Production and composition are regulated D16T pipes GOST 18482-79 and GOST 4784. The chemical composition somewhat different from D16 - lower impurity manganese, a higher proportion of silicon and magnesium, resulting in D16 compared with higher strength but lower ductility. The formula according to ISO 209-1 - AlCuMgl. The proportion of impurities (in percentages, in descending order) Cu - 3,8; Mg - 1,2; Si - 0,50; Fe - 0,30; Mn - 0,30; Cn - 0,25; Ti - 0,15; Cr - 0,10, balance essentially aluminum proportion accounted for. Density varies 2,77-2,78 kg / dm3. Yield 450 MPa-, standard flow 275 (28) MPa - specific parameters depend upon the composition and method of treating a particular alloy. D16T aluminum pipe itself can be as a profile, and round, and the specific dimensions and drawings can be adjusted with the customer. D16T aluminum pipe is widely used in industry and the national economy. It can be used for feeding any gases and liquids, except for potable and industrial water.

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