GOST 2624 applies to copper capillary tube of circular cross section.
- Apparatus- and instrumentation;
- Refrigeration.
Requirements to be met by copper tubes according to GOST 2624:
- The tube must be made of copper brands such as M1r, M2, M2P, M1 with a chemical composition according to GOST 859;
- Can be made in a soft, solid state;
- Absent from the surface of the liquid, salt, captivity, shells, scales, bubbles, delamination, tears, cracks, nicks, dents;
- Allowable rate sweep marks on the tube 1m - 2;
- The absence of dust, oil and scale;
- Tightness of the tubes.
According to its production characteristics of the copper tubes are divided into:
- Cold-deformed (D);
- With round (CR) section;
- With normal and high accuracy;
- The state of material in the manufacture of soft (M) and strong (T);
- Measuring the length (MD) and in coils (BT);
- Production of two groups (A and B).
Pipes made of copper GOST 2624 in size are divided into 2 groups:
- Group A. The inner diameter of 0.35 to 0.60 mm; outside diameter from 1.20 to 2.50 mm; Minimum cut length - 10000 mm.
- Group B. The inner diameter of 0.60 to 0.85 mm; outside diameter from 1.80 to 2.10 mm.
Considered tubes have anti-corrosive properties, high thermal conductivity, are indispensable for air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems, characterized by high plasticity, easily welded, fully comply with sanitary norms, durable. Pipes made of copper GOST 2624 easily tolerate changes in temperature do not react chemically aggressive environments. Temperature range of applicability of these tubes from -200 to +250 degrees.

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