Reliable operation of heating, water supply is directly related to the quality of tubes used. To date, often being replaced traditional steel pipes for pipes of copper plumbing. It should be noted that copper pipes are in great demand and are the leader in luxury materials.
Considering the water pipes made of copper, it is necessary to identify the most common ones:
1. The copper pipes for water and gas according to GOST R 52318, which can be of two types:
- Copper grade M1f GOST 859;
- Copper Cu-DHP grade according to EN 1057.
2. permissible to use pipes made of copper M1 according to GOST 859 brands without high-temperature heating, but not allowed to use other brands of copper pipe.
Today, for the production of copper tubes and fittings frequently used copper CU-DPH in accordance with DIN 1412, which have a high level of corrosion protection. Pipes quickly amenable to welding and soldering, for a long time retain their technological properties and have a long service life.
It is advisable to all pipes copper water supply with thermal insulation, it is conducted in accordance with SNIP 41-03. Even if it is "cold" pipe, it will protect against condensation.
In comparison with conventional steel pipes, copper pipes for heating and water supply systems have a number of positive features in the installation and operation:
- The thermal expansion coefficient of copper is seven times lower when compared to the polymers;
- The thermal conductivity of the copper pipes is higher than steel;
- High resistance to UV radiation;
- Copper pipes for plumbing in the water does not corrode;
- Easy to bend and cut;
- Have a low coefficient of roughness, which increases the bandwidth.

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