Pipes made of aluminum alloys - one of the most popular and common types of rolled aluminum today. Benefits:
high throughput due to the low roughness coefficient; workability (easy to work);
resistance to chemical and atmospheric influences;
strength and light weight design due to the small specific weight of aluminum tubes.
Aluminium pipes are widely used in manufacturing, construction and industrial applications due to advantages over aluminum and steel:
conditioning and ventilation systems;
manufacturing ferrules, cable joints and connectors;
supply of natural gas;
manufacture of furniture;
Laying of engineering networks. In the pipe manufacturing methods can be divided into welded, welded, cold-pressed and. On the finished aluminum products, according to GOST cannot be vesicular formations, traces thermal burnout and cracks - visible flaws. sectional form:
oval aluminum tube;
aluminum round tube;
Aluminum square tube;
rectangular aluminum tube.
According to the thickness of the pipe walls are thin-walled and thick-walled. Upon contact with the exterior surface of the tubes of aluminum tends to be covered by patches of gray, which greatly spoils the appearance. In most cases, to avoid these processes, manufacturers of anodized aluminum. When anodizing is formed on the surface of the oxide film using electrolysis. Anodized aluminium tubes acquire anticorrosive properties and become more resistant to corrosion. Also produced naturally aged and hardened aluminum tubes - T, artificially aged and hardened - the T1, tubes without heat treatment and annealed - of M. Stamps aluminum tubes:
A7, A6 and A5 (GOST 11069-2001);
AMg5, AMg60, 1925S, 1915, 1925, V95, AK6, AD31, AMgZ, AMg2, D16, AD00, AB AMTSS, ADSAMTS AD, AD0, AD1, D1 AMgZS, AD35 (GOST 4784-97);
VAD1 (GOST 1131-76).
Possible diameter - 6 mm - 340 mm.
sectional wall thickness - 0.5 mm - 43 mm. Aluminum tubes to sixty millimeters are bound in bundles, and the label attached to them with all the necessary information. At the end of the pipe with a diameter greater than 60 mm should be listed brand, state of the material, brand control and batch number. Pipes supply of cove communicate in three places.

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