Pork meat

Pork carcasses & semi-carcasses. State Standard 31476-2012

Specification by thermal treatment of pork are divided into:

Fresh, subjected to freshing to a temperature not higher than 12C C;
Chilled, subjected to chilling to a temperature of 0 to plus 4.0 C;
Frozen, subjected to freezing at a temperature not higher than minus 8 C;
Subfrozen, and having been subjected to subfreezing temperatures in the femur to a depth of 1 cm minus3 C minus 5 C and a thicker thigh 0 - plus 2 C. During storage the temperature of the entire volume to be a Side minus 2 - minus 3 C.

Pork obtained after removal of the entire length of the cap portion at a side of the width of the carcase side of the ridge and the top portion of the blade portion, and Femoral relates to edging. Edged pork belongs to the second grade. In places separated lard allowed to touch the remains of bacon is not thicker than 0.5 cm. Pork first, second, third and fourth grades are produced in the form of longitudinal carcasses. Cutting or sawing on the longitudinal half-carcasses produced in the middle of the spinal column, vertebrae without leaving as much as in any half-carcasses without crushing them.

Pork carcasses, half-carcasses and the first, second, third and fourth grades are produced without head, legs, internal organs, internal fat. Determination of pesticide residues aflatoxin B1, antibiotics and hormones toxic elements - GOST 26927-86 for the GOST 26930-86, in accordance with the procedure established by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Marking, transportation and storage

Pork marking applied in accordance with the rules approved in the prescribed manner, with the following information:
first grade (bacon) - a round stamp with a diameter of 40 mm;
the second grade (young meat) - square stamp size by more than 40 mm;
the third grade (fat) - an oval stamp with a diameter D1 - 50 mm and D2 - 40 mm;
the fourth grade (industrial processing) a triangular stamp sized hand 45h50h50 mm;
the fifth grade (meat pigs) - Round stamp diameter of 40 mm with the letter "M" 20 mm to the right stamp;
sixth category (swine) industrial processing - a triangular stamp size 45x50x50 mm side letter "X".

Pork fifth category with companies producing packaged in a plank, planed inside boxes with lids, boxes made of corrugated cardboard. Boxes shall be lined with parchment inside imitation parchment or cellophane. Under the agreement with the consumer and public veterinary supervision allowed for the implementation of local produce pork fifth category, packaged in returnable containers or bags made of polyethylene film used for food packaging.

Net weight of the packaging unit must not exceed 30 kg.

Present in carcasses and semi-carcasses as well as frozen and subfrozen:
1. First grade (bacon) pork
2. Second grade (young meat) pork
3. Third grade (fat) pork
4. Fourth grade (industrial processing) pork
5. Fifth grade pork (meat pig)

More information and product specifications can be found in the Agriculture Catalogue.

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