Primary aluminum A99 comes in the form of wire rods, strips, bars, ingots, and so on. It is characterized by chemical inertness, high ductility, electrical conductivity, low density, large heat resistance, weldability. Prepared by a three-layer A99 aluminum electrolytic refining or high-temperature distillation through halides. Aluminium ingots - the most demanded form the A99 brand delivery. Ingots are further processed and melted into the wire, extruded products, cable products, castings, powder, pellet dosage, and other semi-finished products and rentals. The most common primary aluminum A99 is engaged in electrical engineering (electrodes, capacitors, integrated circuits, transformers, semiconductors), which replaces the active copper. Perhaps the use of the mark and in other industries. In accordance with GOST 11069-2001 aluminum A99 collectively comprises less than 0.01% of impurities that affect the properties of the material only slightly. This gallium, titanium, zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium, silicon, copper. Technical requirements dictated ingots GOST 11070-74. Shape, size, weight ingots / bars are standardized, but are allowed by agreement and other sizes. Packed primary aluminum ingots A99 stacking in containers or, in the case of large ingots supplied without packaging. Marking ingots of aluminum, four vertical black stripes inflicted indelible ink. Also, the presence of prescribed heat number, grade aluminum, net weight.

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