Modern industry offers a choice of primary nickel in accordance with GOST 849 the following brands:

  • H0, H1 - includes a nickel-cobalt were respectively not less than 99.99% and 99.93%. Primary nickel these marks produced by electrolysis in the form of sheets;
  • H2, H3, H4 - includes nickel-cobalt is not less than 99.8%, 99.6%, 97.6% respectively. These alloys are obtained by pressing in the production of nickel and melting the waste them, as well as the method of fire refining. This type of primary nickel delivered to consumers in the form of cathode sheets, granules, ingots, scrap.
    Primary nickel ingots should be free of burrs and any inclusions in the slag. Also, the ingots produced a weight not exceeding 25 kg.
    If you want to meet the needs of the customer may stipulate in pre-order the size of the individual cathode sheets.
    Primary nickel has a set of properties, due to which has been successfully used in machinery, electronics, instrumentation and many other fields. The composition of stainless steels is required to turn on the primary nickel for greater chemical resistance of the alloy

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