Profile copper M2 represents non-ferrous metal products, which are made of copper wire rod at rolling and drawing mills copper M2 mark. Copper profile is a semi-finished product for the production of various functional parts and tools for vehicles, appliances and devices in various industries: machine-building and machine-tool construction, electrical engineering, etc. Profile copper is used most widely in the form of connection, contact, or other structural materials. Profile has many advantages due to the properties of copper as ductility, durability, good electrical conductivity, durability and others. Classify copper profile depending on the method of its production, at the same hot- and cold-isolated profile. Further, such profiles may have different accuracies based on this, the profiles distinguish normal, high, and high precision. Also, there are copper hollow profiles which have cavities inside a whole. The main advantage of the rolled metal production is its wonderful electrical and thermal conductivity, which allows it to actively use in the electrical field of industry (for the production of terminals, switches, switches, distribution of tires, etc.) as well as for the production of electronics cooling systems. Today, copper profile is available in various lengths from 1 to 10 meters or continuous length in coils (coils). Exhaust profile copper intended for recycling can be reprocessed.

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