Copper is one of the most essential metal in construction. From it makes a lot of different materials. For example, profiles of copper, in fact about them and will be discussed.
Copper is a good thermal conductive material is released, electrical conductivity, high resistance, moldability and durability. Profiles are made of different grades of copper, in particular M1, produced in various GOST and TU. Is produced with a variety of indicators of accuracy and strength: normal, high, high. Profiles have a very wide range of applications, are used in electrical engineering, power engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical conductors are doing, tire tips shunts. they are used for the manufacture of inductors in electrical engineering. As for the manufacturing process, the copper profiles are often manufactured from copper rod. Various different ways of processing. Profiles are available in pull molded forms. Another copper profiles are divided into cold and hot. Their length may be from 1 to 6 meters.
There is also a whole, and there are hollow profiles. Solid brass profiles are manufactured by extrusion. Solid widely used in electrical engineering. Hollow profiles of copper are produced by pressing and pulling. Hollow, thanks to its good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity is often used for the manufacture of cooled electrical conductors.

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