Production, constantly improving, requires owners of property, to perform a set of measures, certain requirements of the corrosion protection of engineering structures. The most relevant, well-established introduction of the last decades of scientific and technological progress was security complex - protectors with aluminum painted steel surfaces. Installed outside of cabinet design, aluminum tread having a radius of more than three meters, provides corrosion protection for years. Mounted within the housing, it provides a protection for decades. The composition depends on the destination of the tread.
The most frequent alloys containing aluminum base. Additive is a zinc, tin. zinc mercury additives are used at elevated requirements for current output indicator. Sacrificial protection of tanks for fresh water may be made only of aluminum-magnesium alloys, as required to comply with environmental requirements, in terms of the content of the safe concentration of the corrosion process products. The requirements imposed in part of tin, zirconium, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, silicon, combined with GOST 26251-84. This allows you to organize the production of standard protectors, appropriate uniform parameters. Standard unifies the designation of the type, basic parameters and dimensions. Total issued four types of aluminum tread: squirrel (K) is not disconnected from the ballast (H), the suspension (S), adjustable (P). The letter appearing after the designation of the type of tread, it denotes the group affiliation: single (D), or group. The number after the hyphen denotes the mass. Then, the alloy contains brand, containing two letters identifying the base metal - aluminum (A), magnesium (M) or zinc (C), with the number of the ordinal number of the alloy. Rounding out the marking of the standard room. The marking is made in casting, also allowed the marking by impact 12 mm stamps. Available tread aluminum, must be prepared for installation by welding, or have a different kind of fixture corresponding to the destination. Delivery is carried out in containers or plank boxes, depending on the party, in consultation with customers. The accompanying documents must contain the name and (or) the manufacturer's trade mark, the alloy brand, size, mass party, year party, the standard designation. The five-year warranty is provided subject to the conditions governing the transport and storage. Accuracy when specifying the brand in order to obtain the necessary guarantees to the customer protectors.

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