Retraction Aluminum - duralumin connection element and aluminum pipelines designed to correct their trajectory. Produced often bends aluminum by stamping. The raw materials are leafy, pipe, and other blanks. Production is regulated by a number of specifications. Produced removal is seamless aluminum (curved, stamped, hot soaked significantly less cast) or welded (segmented, Stamped). Method of production depends on the mother's (highly doped aluminum significantly inferior in formability) and available raw materials. The material is a wide range of aluminum alloys. It AlMg alloys, BP AMts, D. regulating their chemical composition of GOST 4784-97. Manganese, copper, magnesium - main alloying components. Characterized removal aluminum angle bend, bend radius, wall thickness, outer diameter. The last two figures correspond to the standardized sizes of aluminum tubes, made in accordance with GOST 18475-82, GOST 23697-79, and others. The maximum outside diameters and wall thicknesses are, respectively, 300 and 40 mm. Bend Radius attached to the outer diameter. Its value exceeds the value of the outer diameter of 1 - 2 times. Bending angle (between axes) is generally 30-90 (step 15 ), and 180 . In coordination sizes may differ, often bends are manufactured according to customer TK. Different removal aluminum number of advantages - lightness, corrosion immunity, flexibility, etc.

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