Rod aluminum D16T - dural kind of long products with a significant predominance of the length of the diameter. Perhaps a square, hexagonal, circular cross-section. The aluminum rod D16T easy, flexible, durable, chemically resistant, easy to weld, handled. Differs has sufficient electrical conductivity, high fatigue and static strength, can withstand temperature changes. Involve the metal in the construction, chemical industry, mechanical engineering. D16T aluminum rod apply in the manufacture of semi-finished products, metal, stampings, components, power components, chemicals. Typically, the cross section of the rolled metal round. Standard diameter is 8 - 400 mm. On the strength characteristics of the heat treatment affects the form hardening, non-heat treated condition, the natural aging process. For bars, hexagonal cross-section of which, or a square, a range of diameters (inscribed circle) is 8 - 200 mm. The maximum length of commodity bars - 6 m. Product D16T aluminum rod corresponds to GOST 4784-97 and GOST 21488-97. Material chemically rods is aluminum doped with copper (less than 5%), manganese (less than 1%), magnesium (less than 2%). Also present are impurities zinc, iron, zirconium, chromium, titanium, silicon. When storing the rods required by mechanical damages and corrosion protection. Delivery shall be Party, ordered the presence of accompanying document on quality and marking prescribed.

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