Rod copper M2 - a material that is semi-finished product in a number of industries. Made of copper corresponding to the brand - it is his feature. It is easy to give in stamping, cutting, pressing, drilling, milling. Basically, this material is widely used in machine building and metal, as well as in other areas. Recycling copper rod, manufactured items, components and parts used in the aviation industry, automobile and shipbuilding. M2 copper rod used for manufacturing parts such as nuts, bolts, washers, gears, valves, sleeves, shafts and so on. Due to the high strength and workability of copper produced from her reducers, valves, locking mechanisms, as well as elements of the gas and water supply systems. Rod copper is widely used in instrumentation, energy, electrical engineering. From it produce conductors, current collectors, housing elements and the conductive structure. Production is controlled in accordance with GOST 1535. Depending on the grade of copper rods designated labeled M1, M2, M3, M1r, M2P and M3R. By rod production method of the following types: Hot (F), cold-(X), extruded and drawn. Depending on the cross section is indicated as follows: cylindrical bars indicated by CD square - HF and hexagonal shape - SH. At the bar may have a different precision manufacturing. Depending on the characteristics of the element may be normal, elevated or high accuracy. They are designated by the letters N, P and V. As the copper metal rod can be: semi-solid (denoted by the letter P), hard (marked T), soft with high ductility (indicated by A), semi-solid with high plasticity - P, and a solid high ductility - W. depending on the size of the copper rod M2 can be ND - off-gage type or CD - dimensional type fold length.

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