Rolled zinc - the common name of the class of zinc products. Machining usually produced by pressure / rental, with the result that is obtained rolled zinc - sheets, wire, zinc ribbon anodes, etc.
In our assortment you will find the most diverse Zinc rental.
As a consumable material for galvanizing process used zinc anodes. Available brands are TS1 and U0. Zinc is produced this car in accordance with the requirements of GOST 1180, or on the agreed terms of reference. Zinc anodes are plates having a length of 40 centimeters to 2 meters. The width of the plates ranges from 5 to 60 centimeters, and their thickness is about 4 to 20 millimeters. GOST admits slight undulation of ready anodes and uncut edge on both sides.
Our organization has also supplied a rolled zinc as zinc wire of various diameters and brands. Its use is also due to the unique properties of the metal. Zinc wire often used in zinc coatings applied to metal surfaces spraying method. Made this Zinc rolled zinc grade TS1 by cold deformation. Zinc wire according to GOST should have a circular section with a diameter of 1.5 millimeters to 3.2 millimeters. Precision products can be both normal and elevated. Particular attention when choosing a wire draw on its surface - it should not have impurities, except for traces of grease, as well as cracks, scratches and bundles. If desired, the wire may be coated with a special lubricant preservative.
The tape and sheets of zinc, you can also purchase from us. Zinc tape has a wide range of applications - it is used for the production of cliches, special fuses. Zinc sheets are used to create galvanic cells, parts of different instruments in engineering and aviation.
You can always order any zinc hire in our company. We practice an individual approach to each of its customers, so ready to make for you any products with the required dimensions and technical specifications.

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