Among the wide range of roofing copper is the best option roofing copper M1f brand because of its special qualities. Copper roofing M1f produced in Russia according to GOST 1173. This standard establishes a process procedure of production of cold-rolled coils from the general-purpose copper. Stamps copper determine its composition and, accordingly, the area most appropriate use.
The chemical composition of grade copper M1f determined by the requirements of GOST 859-2001. Copper M1f brand different from other brands of copper roofing, manufactured according to GOST 1173, the lack of oxygen in the composition on the background of high phosphorus content. The percentage of phosphorus content may range from 0.012% to 0.06%. When this phosphorus content of the copper roof M1f received favorable performance relative to other types of roofing medi- natural process of the formation on the surface of the roof of the oxide film (The patina) proceeds more slowly, and the patina layer becomes more smooth.
Copper roofing is classified M1f for standard sizes.
According to the thickness of the roofing sheet:
- 0.5 mm;
- 0.6 mm;
- 0.8 mm.
According to the width of the roofing sheet:
- 600 mm;
- 670 mm.
The technical and operational characteristics, whereby the copper roof is used for all types of roofs:
- Low corrosivity;
- An even layer of patina that forms over time on the surface;
- Increased moisture resistance;
- Strength and durability, ensuring low operating costs;
- High plasticity of the material;
- Long life (150 years).
Supplied roofing copper rolls often then already in place roofer copper strips cut the desired length. Rolls are sold by weight, the price is set for 1 kg.
Depending on the thickness of the sheet copper roof weighs M1f:
- 1 m2 = 5.34 kg (0.6 mm in thickness);
- 1m2 = 7.12 kg (0.8 mm in thickness).

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