Round steel is one of the most applicable materials for the production. Round steel is very hot in demand; its use is so widespread that the product range of steel can be found in everyday life and in many areas. Parts made from Round steel apply heavy aerospace industry. Round steel can rightly be called a universal material.

Round steel as a form of long products made of steel according to GOST 2590-88: ordinary - ST3, ST2, ST5 and so on, low-alloy st09G2S, st15HSND etc., as of the structural steel St10, St20, st35, ST45 , st40H, st30hgsa etc. as the square of steel wheels are divided on the accuracy of hire: normal precision and high precision - calibrated circle. The main area of use can be considered as a Round steel construction. Round steel 3 is used in the production of fences, for reinforcement in structures, ligaments for reinforcement of columns, etc.

Round steel of low-alloy (09G2S etc.) It is increasingly used in regions with a low temperature. But in general, the scope of the terms of Article 3 have almost identical. Due to the presence of alloy elements of the circle often used for ground pipelines. For these purposes, use galvanized circular it is more efficient and durable in use.

To produce a critical structures and durable goods used Round steel of structural steel (round steel 10 steel 20, steel 35, steel 45, steel 40, steel, 40Cr steel 30KhGSA). The properties of the structural steel allow carrying out additional heat treatment and quenching, etc., that allows to give more flexibility and hardness.

When coiling springs used in machinery used circles of spring steel. In the most important structures it is recommended to use the circle alloyed and high. Lap steel tool (R6M5, U8, U8A, etc.) applicable in the manufacture of cutting tools.

In the decorative member and employs a circle of stainless steel. Round steel manufactured in bars:
measured length;
multiple dimensional length;
random lengths.

Round steel, carbon and low alloy steel produced in length from 2m to 12m. The circle of high-quality carbon and alloy steel made from 2m to 6m., Stainless steel from 1m to 6m.

The stock wheels are galvanized coils from 6 to 12 mm and rods from 6 to 40mm. Galvanized circle used for grounding, for lightning, as strong pieces to design and create railway fasteners. We have the ability to order galvanized round steel of different diameters and in the required quantities. Prices of galvanized round steel agreed depending on the volume and timing of the required products. If the thickness exceeds the range of 12 mm, then hot-dip galvanizing is performed by the method and the coating thickness is 150 microns.

Dimensions: ?s are made to order. In the production of dimensional corner allowed, according to GOST, the presence of unmeasured parts of no more than 15% of the total number of islands.

Hot-rolled angle made from hot rolling mills in the blanks. The technology of production of steel angle such that toe sides kept almost without radius outer side. But on the inside radius of the present, which increases the strength of the profile, as a kind of stiffener (optional).

At the angle of a cold-rolled steel at least a limited range of products, as for the production of cold-formed steel angle using a different technology. Produce area of cold steel billets. Using GOST 19771-93 angle usually for decorative purposes, for the manufacture of load-bearing structures not in use. For the production of cold-rolled angle of ordinary steel. Length of cold-rolled angle: 6m, 10m, 12m. To increase the life of the structure is often used additional corrosion protection: hot-dip galvanizing.

Galvanized hot-rolled steel angle
The main purpose of galvanized steel angle securing the external structures, due to increased resistance to corrosion material. Small hot galvanized widely used in the construction industry, and civil. For example, when covering buildings roofing sheets using galvanized roofing area. Angle galvanized by various methods gives it a modern, aesthetic look, it can be used in the decoration of buildings, premises, not only on the outside but on the inside. In the manufacture of metal structures its frequent use is associated with resistance to corrosion.

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Galvanized hot-rolled steel angle