Rye is a typical grain crops. The rye beer is made from rye. Rye flour is also made from rye, which goes mainly on bread, prepared starch, as well as a raw material for the production of alcohol.

Rye flour is ideal for bakery products of dietary and therapeutic purposes: it contains large amounts of dietary fiber; protein substances of rye flour exceed protein substances of wheat flour by the number of essential amino acids for human.

The conditioning grain is used in producing of flour, providing with increasing amounts of sugary substances that are the source of energy for the human body along with starchy substances. Due to conditioning grain breads of rye flour have high nutritional value, improved flavor and aroma.

More information and product specifications can be found in the Agriculture Catalogue.

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Food rye 1 grade

Food rye 1-2 grade

Fodder rye

Rye flour top grade

Rye flour 1 grade

Rye field

Rye middlings

Middlings granulated 6-10 mm

Middlings in bulk

Middlings shaped