One of the best types of roofing sheet or coil metal seam roofing is zinc-titanium. Its advantage is in a connection between the individual elements (pictures) in the rebate. -The System mounts, which does not require through-holes, prevents corrosion, seam roofing zinc-titanium serves up to 100 years. She "bribes" of its economy (compared to copper) and physico-mechanical properties. The material had the following chemical composition: 99.995% zinc, 0,08-0,17% copper, 0.015% aluminum, 0,07-0,12% titanium.
Options. Vertical type fold: a double and angular rebate - used for roofs with a slope of 3-25 (35 angular) degrees. Corner double fold greater, and is used on the concave and convex surfaces, the maximum length of the picture -. 16 m length pattern can be up to 20 m, and the angle of inclination of 5 degrees (provided with a latch bracket).. Seamed roof panels are normally delivered with standard dimensions: - sheet thickness of 0.50 to 0.80 mm; - Profile length from 0.4 m to 6.0 m; - Useful width from 216 mm to 543 mm. The base, which put seam roofing zinc-titanium, a wooden board or plywood is not recommended roofing material, etc. insulator, which is based on lime, cement, asphalt, plaster, oil, including PVC-film. In addition to its durability and ease of installation seam roofing Zinc-titanium is very attractive in appearance. Color with purple shimmer, thanks to the resulting patina over time, is a classic, gray, dark gray. You can resort to an artificial patina, giving the roof was originally a permanent blue-gray color.

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