Sheets made of aluminum 1105 - highly demanded metal. They are used in vehicle, wagon, shipbuilding, aircraft, instrument, decor, construction and chemical industries. The chemical composition of the alloy corresponds to GOST 1131-76. Material close duralumin D1 consists of aluminum substrate, alloying of copper (2 - 5%), magnesium (2% max.), Manganese (1% max.). Impurities are chromium, iron, silicon, zinc, zirconium, titanium. This duralumin durable, environmentally friendly, chemically inert, lightweight, heat-resistant, non-magnetic, bactericidal, is plastic. Easy stamped, welded, conductive, heat. In some areas with domestic rivals duralumin sheets aluminum sheet imported. According to ISO 209-1 made several similar alloys 2000 series. Exports to the EU, China and Russia, is less common North American and Japanese products. Chinese plates are characterized by a similar quality to the Russian and western lists differ somewhat improved forming and heat treatment, but at the same time, and increased use of recyclable materials in them. Production is regulated by GOST 21631-76. For imported sheets rules contained in ISO 6362. Available in sheets of aluminum in 1105 for various purposes, the accuracy of performance, quality of finish, type of heat treatment. They are produced by rolling. Produces aluminum sheets 1105 without plating, have a wide range of sizes. The dimensions are: width of 0.6 - 2 m, the length of 2 - 7 m, a thickness of 0.5 - 10.5 mm. Marked stamping or indelible ink.

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