In our time, no repair cannot do without the alignment angles of the walls. Your attention is aluminum perforated corner. It's worth noting that the corners are perforated aluminum, plastic, with metal and fiberglass mesh. Such corners often have a length of 2.5 or 3 meters; the height of the boards is 25x25 mm. The perforated area has an angle of 90 degrees, thereby adheres to the substrate. Cut a corner is possible by means of ordinary scissors on metal. And so, let's look at their differences. Small aluminum perforated. This area is used for interior and exterior corners of rooms, both inside and outside the building, the angle of protecting from damage. Angle aluminum plaster with metal mesh. Typically, this angle is used for the installation of window frames, door frames, as well as for exterior facades angles. Mainly used when working with cement-sand plaster. Small aluminum plaster with glass net. Apply for finishing corners plaster and cement plaster, as used in the reinforcement of foam and polystyrene foam. Application. On processed angle applied plaster or cement plaster, set exactly Corner aluminum plaster, and leave for a while (to secure). After making sure that the angle is set fixed, you are ready to spray him putty or plaster. You can buy aluminum perforated corner, both wholesale and packaging (in multiples of 100 pieces).

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