Copper Tape M1m M1 and manufactured in accordance with GOST 1173 of raw material corresponds to GOST 859 (M1 copper grade). The letter "m" denotes that the tape is soft, with a copper tape having a thickness less than 0.10 mm is produced only solid. Scope - General purpose tape.
Copper is used in the production of copper strip M1, pure enough oxygen content of from 0.05 to 0.08%, the concentration of arsenic and antimony of less than 0.002%, and the base metal - 99.9%.
The tape has high ductility, corrosion-resistant and has a high thermal and electrical conductivity. Most manufactured by cold rollers, is a rectangular plate with a thickness of 0.1 to 6 mm, hot rolled, its thickness can be up to 25 mm.
When testing for compliance with GOST M1 copper tape should be tested for bending around a mandrel with a diameter equal to the thickness of the tape. The tape of less than 5 mm thick should not deform to bend in contact side, and for the bands from 6 to 12 mm norm is to achieve parallel sides.
When using copper tape M1 poorly resist solutions of acid salts, ammonia and ammonium chloride, as well as mineral acids, it is characterized by low strength and durability. Good thermal and electrical conductivity and makes it difficult to roller spot welding. The best way to connect products from copper tape - brazing and soldering.
When selecting the tape should pay attention to the thickness and width, and then compared with the figures in the GOST. Also, the surface of the tape itself must be free of blemishes or defects.

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