Has many advantages and aluminum alloy made from his tubes and profiles are highly popular in many industrial and construction sectors. Classification can be made of aluminum rolled products in the form: shaped pipes, rectangular, square aluminum tube and round. Aluminium square tubes have been successfully used in the construction of buildings, machinery and other dimensional structures. This form is popular in architecture and construction. Square aluminum tube is strong enough, because it has a symmetrical wall and is better able to resist external pressure. In the manufacture of aluminum tubes technology fall into three categories:
1. A method of pressing;
2. A method of welding an aluminum sheet;
3. The method of cold-formed aluminum wheel.
Also, there are various methods of processing material: cold-working,semicold-working, artificial and natural aging. During cold-working square aluminum tube becomes much stronger, which improves its performance. The pipe is made of square aluminum alloy grade AD31, wherein immunity to corrosion and low temperatures. Easy, low strength of the alloy contributes to the production of pipes with complex configurations without changing the characteristics of the product on the bending areas. Square aluminum pipe may contain an impurity material of silicon, magnesium, titanium, iron, and copper. alloy modifications are distinguished by the degree of heat treatment used to increase the hardness of the brand. Mark AD31T1 denotes an aluminum alloy, which reached maximum strength during heat treatment. Square aluminum tube labeled AD31T5 the alloy, has passed step hot working and artificial aging. Tubes are available in lengths of not less than 2 m and not more than 6m. Square aluminum tube always cut off at a right angle. The aluminum alloy can withstand a temperature range of -80 to 120 C. Rolled aluminum found its use in the pipeline construction, pipeline, manufacturing of cryogenic equipment, as well as shipbuilding, aircraft construction and finishing works.

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