Hot-rolled steel strips GOST 103-76 

Steel strips are another kind of universal high-quality metal. Steel strip can be used as raw materials for production, such as a corner, bent channel, and as a separate material in the manufacture of structures, the same strip and rolled strip steel used in the manufacture of springs, cutting tools, and construction needs.

Today, the trend of construction is such that the most part of the project implemented with hardware, which is not rarely used metal strip and rolled strip. Often the band steel strips and used for decorative purposes, as decoration of buildings. Covering strip steel corrosion material (e.g., paint) starting material is more durable and strong.

Metal strips corresponds to GOST 103-76, gauge the width of 4.5 mm to 56 mm and a thickness of 36 mm. Strip steel is produced by hot rolling of steel strip carbon st3 through rolling mills, also made of alloyed steel strip. Hot-rolled strip produced high and normal accuracy of 3 to 10 m. Strips are made by metal cutting or cutting sheets and rolls on the strip. Strips of steel billets for production of welded tubes and strips. Strips of metal GOST 535-88 varietal refers to the structural shapes. In coordination with the consumer probably manufacturing metal strips and intermediate widths and thickness. 

More information and product specifications can be found in the Metal Catalogue.


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