Structural aluminum profile is in demand because of its excellent performance data. This material is produced by chemical production of aluminum alumina, smelting and pressing. The following parameters can be attributed to the main benefits:

  • Not a lot of weight.
  • Durability.
  • Durability.
  • Versatility.
  • Attractive appearance.
    Profile produced using the fusing three main components - aluminum, magnesium and silicon. It has excellent thermal conductivity and is divided into two types - warm and cold. Cold is used for outdoor type of work, as warm or as it is often referred to as combined, for work in the heated rooms. Structural aluminum profile thinner than the machine tool. Therefore, it is cheaper, and the scope is much broader. The range of aluminum profile and the composition of the alloy must comply with GOST 4784-97. According to these rules, structural aluminum profile without anode coating available commercially in the form of lamellae of 3000 millimeters. On request, or in accordance with the requirements of production dimensions may vary. Typically, slats made multiple sales in 1000 millimeters. The scope of use is very extensive. Most often it is:
  • The high-tech machine tools.
  • Guards.
  • Installation frames for furniture.
  • Manufacture of the trading equipment and furniture.
  • Design of advertising products - signs, banners, LED light boxes, and the like.
    Since the profile is made of alloy, then the seller should be a certificate of quality and the accompanying documentation. When purchasing be sure to pay attention to it. If possible, it is best to order in a specialized production profile.

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